Friday, 9 February 2018

All About Me

Hello my name is Elizah, I am 10 years old I live in G.I. I am a Tongan.

My favourite food is KFC and my favourite TV shows is family feud.
My favourite sport is rugby so my favourite player is Jason Taumalolo.
What I like to do at the weekends is going to the beach with my family.

I enjoy learning about Reading because I like to read with my mates and I like playing sports because I get to meet new people when if I play rugby I like to work in Team 4 area.

Thank you for visiting my blog and following my learning journey. Please feel free to leave a positive comment.  

Monday, 4 December 2017

Time Taible

We have been learning our times tables.  These are the facts I can remember in 10 minutes.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

toilet monstaers

When he went into the cave he saw the  phone.
The monstars hand was slippery that the phone slip out of the monstars hand. But cihc cat the mum and dad chatting in the lounge they have not notice that sam is gone. Sam’s sister remember sam got her phone she trid looking for sam she looked in sam’s room sam wasn't in there. She evan checked the lounge he is not there she  remember sam was playing on her phone he stole it from her when she was sleeping and went into the toilet she remember the story of the toilet monster. she nocked on the door and no body ansawer her question.